Sweet Tweet Soaps @ The Big Shanty Festival in Kennesaw, GA

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Sweet Tweet Soaps @ The Big Shanty Festival in Kennesaw, GA

Excerpt from Big Shanty Festival website

Join Sweet Tweet Soaps at the annual Big Shanty Festival on April 12 and 13, 2014.  Below is some information from the Big Shanty Festival website.

“The festival combines the best of the rich heritage of Kennesaw and the Civil War era with today’s fun filled activities. Over 70,000 attendees will enjoy the more than 250 booths with arts & crafts, food vendors, merchants, and live entertainment.

This year’s event offers great entertainment on two stages and a variety of foods to please everyone’s palate. The Kennesaw Big Shanty Festival kicks off with a parade on Saturday at 9:30am. The parade features floats, high school bands, marchers, and over 1,000 youngsters representing every sport association in the area. The Parade will start at Adams Park and continue down Main Street through downtown Kennesaw.


Saturday, April 12, 2014 from 10am to 6pm
Parade is on Saturday at 9:30am
Sunday, April 13, 2014 from 12pm to 5pm

Downtown Kennesaw near the Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History
Kennesaw, Ga 30144

This fun filled event is co-sponsored by the City of Kennesaw and the Kennesaw Business Association. For more information, call (770) 423-1330.”


Sometimes Mondays are The Ones That We Dread

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Sometimes Mondays are the ones that we dread. You know, the ones where we get up late. You spill coffee on your favorite blouse (if you even get coffee). You forget a report, a document, or a paper you need to turn in for work, school, or… I could go on and on. We have all had those days and we know what they ate like. You can fill in your own example of your less than stellar Monday. Mine is currently underway, so I take a deep breath and think back to my Saturday.

Saturday was fantastic. On Saturday I had a great day. Around noon I went to an appliqué class at my local quilt shop (Stitch ‘N Quilt). If you remember I wanted to take an appliqué class because there were a couple of quilts that I wanted to make which had beautiful appliqué borders. Also during my Greater Atlanta Quilt Shop Hop, at one of the shops they had appliqué’s their name on a pennant hung inside.
So when I saw that a class was offered, I signed up.

photo (1)

The first thing we did after arriving at the class was to set up our machine. Next we received a handout from our instructor which we went over. We talked about the different kinds of appliqué. Some are raw edge, needle turn, and invisible. We were doing raw edge in our class.

Next we went over some of the fusible products to choose from. Some are wonder under, steam a seam, and heat n’ bond. I purchased steam a seam to use. Our instructor cautioned us to not crease the fusible, and to keep it away from humidity, both of which can cause the glue to separate.

Next she explained that when we trace a design in the paper side of he fusible, the image is reversed when it is placed on the background fabric. This is important to remember when dealing with letters, and when items on your design need to face in a certain direction. Some designers give you the pattern with the image already reversed so check closely. Trace each part of your image separately on the paper side of the fusible.

photo (4)

You should leave a little distance between the traced image and the drawn design. If you leave an allowance it will make ting the image from the appliqué fabric much easier. Once your image is fused, then trim exactly to the pencil line.

The handout and the instructor went on to discuss needle and thread, stabilizers, and specialty feet. (* Get an open toe foot.) I didn’t have time to order one before my class and I really wish I had.  After going over the information from the handout she had us do some practice stitches.

If you remember from a previous post I was having issues with my machine. As of late it wasn’t changing stitches and it seemed to have a short of some kind. Well the short issue hasn’t shown up again lately, and my instructor flipped a dial on my machine that regulated the stitch length (she moved it from zero). It was my duh moment! I hadn’t realized that’s what the setting had been on. So that was taken care of. For me the class paid for itself right there.


We started off doing test stitches. This allowed us to see what our stitches looked like. We change the stitch for example Zig zag. We adjusted the length, length, and tension to one. We made several stitches then we went to two and sewed some stitches and then on to three, etc. After we were done we chose the settings we liked best for our appliqué project. I chose the zig zag stitch, my width was 3 and my length was 3. I think my tension was 2.   After that we were set loose ton practice “for real “.

I sketched out a quick S. reversed it and transferred it to my fusible paper. Trimmed it a bit leaving a 1/4 inch to the edge, and transferred it to my blue batik cloth. Then trim the image out to he pencil line. Next peel off the paper and attach it to the background cloth you are using. Press it with an iron and then voila you are done! It was really quite easy.

photo (3)Now I only have the time issues to deal with so I can create my TWISTY STITCHES banner.

Time Flies By

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Freeform Flowers Coasters 1You often hear people say, “There aren’t enough hours in the day”, or even the week, but it is especially true of the weekend. Sometimes you feel like and blink and it’s over. That was true of my weekend. I had so many things on my to do list and I didn’t really even make a dent. For example: I needed to go up to Ashby Sewing Center in Kennesaw, like I had planned to check out their embroidery machines so I can get some information back to you. But things didn’t work out that way.

Spring Break happened. My wonderful husband decided to pack up myself and the boys and head up to The Tellus Science Museum in Cartersville, Georgia. It was a fun trip by the way that had some cool things, including dinosaur bones, a variety of rocks, a display of old cars, even a fossil dig and gem panning. It also happened to be located a little over an hour from our home.

I don’t know about you but if I’m not driving on a trip of any length I usually spend my time on my phone. I might check my email, play a game, or peruse the internet. Which is what I happened to be doing on Saturday. Sitting there in the passenger seat of my Dodge Journey, I started thinking about other ways that I could get my craft items out so that people can see and purchase my items. I thought about entering craft shows and selling stuff there. So I started with Google.

Well my I ended up having a crash course on art shows this weekend. I learned a lot and I got a lot of tips and good advice from the forums that I belong to as well.

Here is a summary of what I have learned.

1) Arts and Crafts shows are expensive. Most of the better known festivals with a good projected attendance are very expensive. Most of the shows that I looked at to think about entering were $300.00 and up. Way out of my league at the current time. Plus a lot of the shows were not in my current area. That wouldn’t be bad for a one day show but if the show ran multiple days I might have to include lodging into the price. Those expenses add up.

2) A lot of the deadlines for the shows I looked at were already gone. Some of the shows weren’t going to happen until Christmas and they were already filled.

3) Supplies. I never realized all the things that you need to be a vendor at an arts and crafts show. I got some good tips and started composing my list.

4) A lot of shows have an extensive application process. Some have exorbitant fees, some require slides, you just have to be sure to give them all that they require if you wish to participate and you may not be approved.

After looking and looking I finally found a local show coming in September that would be a good fit for me.

  • The items I sell would be a good fit for the overall theme of the event.
  • It is a local show so I wouldn’t have to worry about an extensive drive or lodging.
  • It isn’t until September so I still have a good bit of time to build up my inventory.
  • Also I still have enough time to accumulate all those miscellaneous things that I need that I never realized I would need.

So I emailed the contact person for the event and asked for more information and I was sent an application. It all seemed pretty straightforward but after reading a lot of posts and blogs about art shows I realized that I need a few details. Such as is the show indoors or outdoors, do you need a tent or canopy or is one provided, how big is your display space. (The list goes on and on). So I emailed her back and found out that the display space is 10 x 10 and that I will I need to purchase a tent. So tonight I filled out my application, enclosed my application fee, put a stamp on my envelope, and instead of planning my trip to Ashby Sewing Center for this weekend; I will be searching for a moderately priced tent for my upcoming art show. Just one more thing that I can add to my to do list.