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Bears Oh My Project

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About a year ago I found this adorable bear pattern on the internet.  View the original pin on my Twisty Stitches dashboard.

Basically I chose the project because it was super cute. Some parts of it didn’t look too complex and it was a project that I felt I could successfully complete (with a few of my own modifications).

Let me first talk about the eyes. The eyes on the project bear are beautiful. Deep blue outlined with white. The instructions were well done. They were broken down into steps and stitches to use to reproduce those eyes. However I know my skill level and my patience level with embroidery type projects, and I opted to make simple button eyes.

The bear on the left is one that I made last year, and the one on the right is one I made a few nights ago so I could take you through the steps. They are still cute and homemade just not as complex.

Step 1

First off I traced the bear pattern on to my felt pieces, one for the front and one for the back. I used contrasting colors: light for the bear and dark for the details or vice versa. The details include the inside of the ears, the paws, and his legs. I didn’t use a specific pattern for those shapes I just cut out a small piece in the same shape as those shown on the original bear and trimmed them till they fit well.

Step 2

On the bear(s) I started at the ears and worked my way down to the button eyes, the triangle shape nose (with rounded corners).

Step 3

I stitched the mouth, went to the arm and leg details. After he was completed with his details I sandwiched him to his backing and then stitched him all the way around.

Step 4

I left a small opening at the bottom to put in the stuffing.

Step 5 - Left  Step 5 - Right

After he was stuffed to my satisfaction I closed him up and he makes bear number 2 in my collection.

Step 6

I would like to make a whole family of these bears in all sizes and colors but there are so many other art projects out there to try. So we will see if my bear family grows as time permits.

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