Dragon Sock Puppet Craft Tutorial

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Every week at my school we have a new theme. Last week our theme was Kings, Queens, and Knights. The students had a lot of fun. We drew castles, we made King and Queen Puppets on a stick, and we talked about knights, and jousting, and … dragons!

The students really liked the dragons. We happened to have a guest come in to do a craft with the students. She read a story about Dragons, and then did a sock puppet dragon craft with the kids. It was super easy and the kids enjoyed it immensely so I thought I would share it with you.

Items you will need include:

Socks, wiggly eyes, shoelace, foam in assorted colors (for dragons wings and tongue), and beads.


The instructions can be (and in my case) have been modified for age level and ability of the child.

Dragon Sock Puppet Tutorial Instructions

Dragon Sock Puppet Tutorial Instructions

Dragon Sock Puppet Tutorial Instructions

  1. First pick out a sock that you like.
  2. Pick out a color of foam for the wings, and a color of foam for the flames. If you have the child draw out one wing you can fold the foam in half when you cut it to get 2 wings that are the same. They may decorate the wing if they wish. (*Note: Magic marker does not adhere to the foam very well, it ended up all over the kids hands.) The sample the teacher brought had a nice sparkly line of paint highlighting areas of the wings. Also you can draw and cut out two colors for the flames or just one.
  3. Next take your shoelace and tie a knot in one end. String about 10 beads on the shoelace. This is for the dragon’s tale. You can have more or less if you wish.
  4. And that’s it. Adult help is needed for the next part as it involves a hot glue gun.
  5. Have the adult put the sock on their hand.
  6. 2 eyes get glued on at the end of the sock. Just above the toe seam. Now twist hand. The heel side should be up and you glue the flames just about where you fingers meet your palm.
  7. Flip hand back over and wings go on each side a bit above your wrist.
  8. Next flip your hand over to attach the tail. A few inches above the wings (about 3-4) push the hard plastic part of the shoelace though the sock. Carefully make a knot on the end (on the inside). This keeps the tail from slipping off.
  9. And voila… You have a dragon. ROAR….

I hope you and your family enjoy making this project as much as my class did.


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