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Atlanta 2013 Quilt Shop Hop

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Well our day started off as a success. Our trip took us near Charlies (a small store off of 166). I love stopping there when I get a chance so I can grab one of their fantastic Southern Biscuits. I chose the Sausage and Egg and Christopher had Bacon and Cheese. Let me tell you they were great and the lady that made the biscuits was very nice.


Yum-Yum!  Feeling good and ready to shop.

076 075

Our first stop was Quilts and Fixins, in Jonesboro Georgia.

I was super excited as this was our first store and I forgot to take photos. I got my passport stamped. Entered the drawing for the shops prize which was a large wooden thread holder. I remember buying a couple of patterns. Everything was bright and cheerful and it was a great first stop.

2nd stop was


Intown Quilters in Decateur Georgia.


This was a nice store. Really cheerful. I liked the penant hanging from the ceiling with their shop name spelled out. I would like to do something like that in my office. Plus it would give me a chance to work on my applique skills. Hmmmm. Sounds like a to do blog project.


They had some cute Doctor Seuss themed cloth with a variety of items made from it. This bag was really cute and quite simple.

078 081

This store carried a really good selection of patterns for all kinds of projects. (I especially liked their clothing ones and their purse patterns.) I really had to control myself. I think that this shop had a quilt in their window that I really liked. The cloth had squares that could cut out and it looked like vintage valentines. They had cut them out and assembled them with other valentine theme material and made a really cool wall hanging. I remember taking a picture but facing the sunshine in the window you couldn’t see the quilt.

On the road again.


Our next stop was Little Quilts in Marietta Georgia.


This was the shop we stopped at a week or so ago when we were in the area. I really liked this shop. One thing they had was this cloth that looked liked vintage seed packets. They were assembled into a wall hanging. This store has some cute doctor Seuss cloth, patterns, purses, books, cloth. The space is a little tight but it is just crammed full of awesome things.The ladies are always super nice and it is a pleasure shopping there.


Next stop was Tiny Stitches in Marietta Georgia.


One thing that I liked at this store was their game quilt. It had checkers, tic tac toe, a bean bag toss, and a couple of others. I also liked their I spy quilt and the small quilt made with Nancy Drew book covers.

088 089

Lots and lots of themed cloth that kids would love. (And adults too!)

090 091 092

Almost done only 2 more stops.

093 096

The next shop was one of my favorites. Red Hen Fabrics in Marietta Georgia.

103 098 097

This shop had a lot of cloth. All kinds of patterns and colors and themes. They had a lot of panels as well. I liked the snowman Christmas panel. I don’t know how I missed buying that one for the store. The presents and gingerbread cookie table runner was super cute. Only problem I have never appliqued. Again I am going to have to work on that. Rudolph was super cute. He is made with pinwheels. They tilted them and changed colors to make him. Very clever.

100 101 102

The final shop on our tour was

105 106

This shop is the closest to me as it is in Mableton Georgia.

They have a very nice shop filled with beautiful cloth. Lots of projects on display.

107 108 109

All in all I feel that the Greater Atlanta Quilt Shop Hop was a successful. In a lot of ways it was like a professional conference. I visited a lot of shops, saw a lot of projects, got some good deals, met a lot of my fellow quilters, and I came back home ready to create.  Visit my website at to see the photos that we took.

“We are all app…

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“We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master” Ernest Hemingway